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Cross-Connect Systems

Municipal Presentation

Cross-Connect Systems

A Short History

Cross-Connect Systems, through its parent company, Stockdale Communications Inc., is the patent holder of U.S. Patent number 6,861,584 B2, a patent covering a flush to grade vault with wall mounted cross-connect panels.  The product was developed at the behest of SBC (now AT&T) to address SBC’s growing concerns that their above grade communications cabinets were encroaching on the pedestrian right of ways as defined in the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and to address other service outage issues relating to vehicle damage, fires, floods, hurricanes and terrorist threats to the communication infrastructure.

In 2005, AT&T announced their “Lightspeed” program.  A program designed to offer high-speed Internet services, VOIP, on demand pay per view TV and other bundled services to their customers.  To achieve the goals of this program requires AT&T to add substantial infrastructure to their existing copper and fiber network.  To add that infrastructure requires the addition of literally thousands of additional metal cabinets, and in most cases the expansion to larger metal cabinets plus additional electronic boxes at existing locations. In many cases the result is several larger metal cabinets where only one metal cabinet stood before.  This proliferation of ugly metal cabinets on their lawns and street corners has many urban citizens in an uproar. (See Telecommunications Equality Coalition at http://www.cacities.org/story published by the League of California Cities).  The cities have lost the fight for franchise fees as a means of controlling this proliferation of cabinets and thanks to the TELCO’S myth that  “it is not feasible to place telecommunications equipment below grade”, the cities are left with trying to hide this proliferation of cabinets with landscaping.

This Municipal Presentation is intended explode that TELCO myth and to give the reader a comprehensive understanding of the issues facing our communities and to educate the reader concerning the CCS flush to grade product as an alternative to the traditional TELCO above grade metal cabinets.